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Version 4.3.656

This version fixes a crash caused by having symlinks under your Dropbox folder, and a rare crash on the Spending Trends report.

  • Fixed On-budget transfer inflows in split transactions that also contain an uncategorized subtransaction are now correctly excluded from the uncategorized row on the budget screen.

  • Fixed Having symlinks under the Dropbox folder no longer causes a crash.

  • Fixed Fixed a rare crash on the Spending Trends report that could be caused by rapidly switching reports.

Version 4.3.624
Veröffentlicht: Montag, August 25, 2014 at 03:38:27 AM

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Version 4.3.623
Veröffentlicht: Montag, August 25, 2014 at 00:00:51 AM

This version now handles DropBox for Business accounts correctly, changes the Turkish Lira currency symbol, and fixes a few other issues.

Full list of changes:
Better Belarusian Ruble now uses ‘BYR’ as the currency code.
Better Turkish Lira now uses ’ TL’ as the currency symbol.
Better YNAB now handles multiple DropBox root directories correctly (can happen when using DropBox for Businesses).
Better Exporting the Net Worth Report now includes the account balances at the end of each month.
Fixed Renaming a master category while only changing capitalization now works as expected.
Fixed Using the keyboard to move focus from the top cell in a month now always cycles around to the bottom.
Fixed Fixed a rare crash that could occur when getting the ‘Income for [month]’ category text.
Fixed Scrolling on the Spending Trends summary panel now works correctly for a large number of months.
Fixed Fixed a rare bug that could occur when auto-saving.
Fixed Using the cleared balance when reconciling a credit account with a positive balance now works as expected.

Version 4.3.543

Veröffentlicht: Tuesday, April 29, 2014 at 00:06:10 AM
This version adds a ‘Use this amount’ link to the reconciliation dialog, along with showing the cleared balance in YNAB as of the selected date. We’ve also added a few new currencies, and fixed a few minor bugs.

Full list of changes:
New Added Bangladeshi Taka currency option.
New Added Ugandan Shilling currency option.
Better The trial notification screen is now only shown for college students once they reach 34 days remaining of their license.
Better Clicking the ‘Cleared’ button after editing a transaction no longer begins editing again.
Better Added ability to reconcile with the cleared amount YNAB knows about.
Better Reconciliation current cleared balance now updates to be the cleared balance as of the selected date.
Fixed Fixed an internal issue that could have caused other YNAB apps to get their changes overwritten in rare circumstances.
Fixed Rounding on quick budget averages now happens earlier, preventing phantom budgeted amounts some users were seeing.
Fixed Fixed a rare crash that could occur when switching date formats or swapping imports and memos when importing.
Fixed Fixed a rare crash that could occur when hitting ctrl while entering a date into the scheduler.
Fixed Changing the selected flag while making other edits no longer prevents selecting different transactions.
Fixed When jumping to the register view from budgets, the date filter is now applied correctly.

Version 4.3.450

Veröffentlicht: Tuesday, February 25, 2014 at 00:18:43 AM
Full list of changes:
Better OFX/QFX imports now strip CDATA tags when they have been included by the bank (this means the payee/memo data will import correctly).
Better The category is now autofilled if changing payees from the imported payee if no category is filled in yet.
Better When showing all transactions for a master category in a spend by category report, if a subcategory is filtered out, it is no longer included in the filter.
Better The reports Payee filter now shows disabled payees, but only if there are transactions that use them.
Better Improved the matching algorithm for QIF imports to prevent some incorrect matches being made.
Better Importing a transfer transaction no longer sets the target transaction to cleared.
Better Tweaked Bulgarian Lev currency formatting.
Better Prevent rename of the ‘Pre-YNAB debt’ master category.
Better Removed default reconciliation amount.
Better Tweaked reconciliation wording and added explanatory text.
Better Small speed increase when deleting transactions.
Better Speed increase when doing a Fresh Start.
Better Improved formatting on Brunei Dollar (BND).
Fixed Fixed grammar mistake in error message that asks to restore a budget.
Fixed Stopped a crash that could occur during the ‘Getting Started’ walkthrough.
Fixed Fixed a crash bug that could occur when importing transactions into an account with no starting date.
Fixed ‘New Turkish Lira’ has been renamed to simply 'Turkish Lira’
Fixed A rare crash when changing the sort in the register.
Fixed A rare crash when searching in the register.
Fixed All Accounts now has the correct start dates set when using the date filter.
Fixed Rare crashes that could occur when using the - or Esc keys in a budget cell.
Fixed Clearing a transaction by mouse now occurs on mousedown, using mouseup was preventing clearing multiple transactions at once.

Version 4.3.352

Veröffentlicht: Tuesday, November 26, 2013 at 11:52:40 PM
Full list of changes:
Better Formatting tweak on the UAE Dirham.
Fixed YNAB no longer crashes if you delete both sides of a transfer at once in the All Accounts view.
Fixed On slow internal networks, Wifi sync will no longer prematurely time out.
Fixed Adjusting the account balance of an account with a single transaction with an amount of $0 would cause a crash.

Version 4.3.319

Veröffentlicht: Sunday, November 10, 2013 at 10:48:01 PM

Full list of changes:
New Ctrl/Cmd-Shift-C will now clear selected transactions on the register screen even if the focus is in a text field. ‘C’ still works when the focus is not in a text field.
Better Changed Serbian ISO currency code from CSD to RSD.
Better Added a check and warning for attempts to rename payees to ‘Transfer :’ on the Payee Settings screen.
Better Removed ‘Restart Later’ option when toggling diagnostics, preventing a weird half-diagnostic state.
Better The ‘Move to Account’ option on the register transaction edit menu is now disabled if there are no other accounts to move the transaction to.
Better The ‘Move to Account’ option on the scheduled transaction edit menu is now disabled if there are no other accounts to move the scheduled transaction to.
Better ‘Save a version’ will now always save a new version, even if there’s been no changes since the last save.
Better The Create Budget button is now disabled until a name is entered, preventing blank budget names.
Better Using Up and Down arrows on the budget page now cycle from top to bottom and vice versa when reaching the start or end of the rows.
Better Renamed ‘Year to Date’ filter to ‘This Year’, to more accurately represent how it works.
Better Clearing a transaction by mouse now occurs on mouseup, rather than mousedown.
Better Deleting transactions to be approved by clicking the reminder icon now shows Undo like normal deletions.
Better OFX/QFX imports are now better at handling non-standard formatting by certain banks.
Better Fresh Start now resets all account balances to 0, to make re-entering current balances easier.
Better Categories can no longer be renamed to be blank or only contain spaces.
Better The ‘Starting Balance’ payee is now selectable when filtering reports.
Better The ‘Edit Payees’ button at the bottom of the payee selector dropdown now jumps to the currently entered payee on the Payee Settings dialog when clicked.
Better Using ‘c’ to clear a transaction now works while editing after changing the transaction date
Fixed Having a positive Available to Budget combined with using the Indian Rupee would cause the budget columns to be misaligned with the category list.
Fixed Fix for Arabic text sometimes causing a crash when viewing reports.
Fixed Fixed an error where uncategorised and unaccepted transfers to off-budget accounts could be ignored when calculating the uncategorised row in the budget.
Fixed Fixed a grammar mistake in a message preventing you from moving reconciled transactions.
Fixed Fixed a crash that could happen when trying to restore an invalid backup version.
Fixed Fixed a rare crash that could occur after importing.
Fixed Finishing or canceling reconciliation now correctly applies the existing date filter to the register.
Fixed Unmatched transactions now retain their original flag colour.
Fixed A rare crash that could occur when changing the default Cloud Sync budget location.
Fixed The All Outflows summary tooltip on the budget screen now includes split transactions.
Fixed Several rare crash bugs.
Fixed A rare crash that could occur when switching budgets while a report was loading.
Fixed A rare crash that could occur when hitting ESC in a date field
Fixed A crash that could occur when using characters instead of numbers in a date field.
Fixed The automatic, rolling backups could get deleted too frequently, especially if you ran YNAB very frequently. From now on, YNAB will keep backups hourly for a week, daily for a month, and every 15 days from then on.
Fixed Fixed a bug that could cause YNAB to stop auto-saving in some circumstances after a Fresh Start. (It would still save on exit, but would not publish changes to other devices or save work every 5 seconds as designed)
Fixed Fixed a crash bug that would happen when you tried to rename a category that had been hidden on another device.
Fixed Added more space so the date filter is not cut off when printing the account register.
Fixed Register keyboard shortcuts are no longer handled if the Preferences or Budget Setup screens are showing
Fixed Unmatching a reconciled transaction via the ‘Unmatch’ button no longer removes the imported transaction.
Fixed Removed ‘YNAB 3’ reference from sample CSV file

Version 4.3.196
Veröffentlicht: Wednesday, July 10, 2013 at 11:10:19 AM
This version fixes a few small issues.

Full list of changes:
Fixed Importing an OFX/QFX file with no accounts or transactions no longer prevents a second import attempt.
Fixed Prevent a rare crash that can occur when opening the calculator on the budget screen.
Fixed On Windows, YNAB once again restores the window to maximized if it was maximized before restarting.
Fixed Corrected the Ghanaian Cedi ISO code, which also re-adds the Nigerian Naira currency.
Fixed Scheduler height is saved again when switching between accounts or restarting YNAB.

Version 4.3.175

Veröffentlicht: Monday, July 1, 2013 at 07:37:20 PM

This version fixes a number of minor issues.

Full list of changes:
Better The ‘Getting Started’ walkthrough no longer restricts users to creating only on-budget asset accounts.
Better Minor wording changes to walkthroughs.
Fixed Column widths no longer get reset when creating a new account.
Fixed Scheduled transaction columns can no longer get their widths reset when hiding the scheduler or restarting.
Fixed Scheduled transaction columns could somehow get a negative width, causing all the columns to be misaligned.
Fixed The walkthrough is now paused if you move away from the budget screen.
Fixed Fixed a crash that could happen when switching reports.
Fixed Replaced missing ‘about)’ from running balance popup.
Fixed Replaced missing word in error message when loading a backup version.
Fixed The Walkthrough menu items in Help are now disabled if they are not valid choices.
Fixed Sometimes you could be prompted to rename a lot of payees unecessarily when approving an imported transaction.
Fixed The last successful reconciliation date wasn’t being saved correctly.
Fixed Prevented a rare crash that could happen when editing scheduled transactions.
Fixed Fixed a crash that could happen when resetting the cloud sync folder.
Fixed Fixed a crash that could happen when switching budgets while there were selected scheduled transactions.
Fixed Empty sidebar containers are now properly hidden after moving the accounts by changing their properties through the account properties dialog.
Fixed In step 3 of the ‘Getting Started’ walkthrough, you can now move forward by changing the balance of an existing asset account.
Fixed Hungarian Forint decimals are back. They are still used by some banks for interest calculations and the like.
Fixed The account creation dialog no longer prevents creating certain account types unless the ‘Getting Started’ walkthrough is explicitly active.
Fixed Fixed an issue in register that was causing the search filters to sometime not be applied when coming from the payee settings dialog.
Fixed Fixed issue in reports that was causing the saved dates to not be set correctly at startup.
Fixed Fixed extra spacing issue in sidebar when switching budgets.
Fixed Fixed an issue in the Spending Trends Report that caused it to display a sub-category twice in certain circumstances.
Fixed Walkthrough bar (offering to launch the CC Payments walkthrough) is now closed automatically if the transaction is cancelled/saved.
Fixed ‘CC Basics’ walkthrough is now launched automatically on just the first CC account creation.
Fixed Fixed a rare crash in ‘Getting Started’ walkthrough.

Version 4.3.75

Veröffentlicht: Thursday, May 23, 2013 at 04:28:45 PM
See the previous update for the full list of changes. (This update fixes a few bugs.)

Full list of changes:
Better Hungarian Forint no longer shows decimals.
Fixed On the Mac, upgrading would cause previous preferences and license information to get reset.
Fixed Fixed a rare crash when accepting matched payees.
Fixed Fixed a crash when changing budgets after canceling the credit card payment walkthrough.
Fixed Fixed a crash that could happen when adding transactions after loading a second budget.

Version 4.3.57

Veröffentlicht: Thursday, May 23, 2013 at 03:08:34 AM

We updated the new-user walkthroughs, added some missing currencies, and added the ability to purchase YNAB from within the app. We also fixed a lot of bugs and made a number of improvements.

Full list of changes:
New Added ability to purchase YNAB from within the program
New Full Screen mode is now supported on Macs (for OS X Lion and above)
New On Mac Retina displays, text is now displayed in beautiful high resolution.
New Added Credit Card Payments Tutorial.
New Added Credit Card Basics Tutorial.
New Added Getting Started Tutorial.
New New Walkthrough/Tutorials design. The walkthroughs can now be launched on demand from the Help Menu.
New Added an option to skip an account when importing from multiple accounts in the one file. You can choose this from the account list dropdown.
New Hitting Enter now starts editing the selected transaction (F2 also begins editing).
New Added Income for given month search item (e.g. Income: April 2013)
New CSV imports now detect duplicates and match with other imported transactions.
New Added Sri Lankan Rupee Currency
New On the Mac, the app icon now supports retina displays.
New The icon used for YNAB documents is now different from the application icon.
New Added Ghanaian Cedi currency
New Added Nigerian Naira currency
New Added Haitian Gourde currency
New Added Mauritius Rupee currency
New Added CFP Franc currency
New Added Netherlands Antilles Guilder currency
Better Removed some mentions of the word ‘YNAB’ in some of the main menu items.
Better Payees added by the bank are removed if they aren’t being used anymore. This will keep the payee list cleaner.
Better On Macs, if an update is available or is being downloaded, the update window will be shown if you click on the YNAB icon in the dock. Previously it would remain hidden behind the main YNAB Window
Better You now have to specifically choose which account type to use when creating a new account. This prevents issues down the line when working with credit cards.
Better Improved the way certain rare file errors are handled.
Better Creating an adjustment transaction to a debt account will now create a pre-ynab debt category if necessary.
Better Entering a starting balance transaction of 0 will still create a pre-ynab debt category for debt accounts. That way, if you later change the amount of the transaction manually, it’s still categorized correctly.
Better If a budget in Dropbox can’t be loaded, a button is displayed that links to a support article explaining how to fix the error.
Better Clicking on the empty search box expands it so you have more room to enter your search.
Better Long payee and category name now truncate and show the full name on mouse-over when viewing the transaction list on the reports.
Better Viewing income transactions from the budget screen now shows all relevant income transactions on the account view.
Better Adding space before Ft in Hungarian Forint
Better Crash reports can now be sent even if YNAB is not running in diagnostics mode.
Better Changed Russian Ruble ISO code to RUB
Better Filtering by date now disables the reconciled transaction filter, this means you will always see all transactions that meet the date filter and search criteria
Fixed On a Mac, the application could crash if there was a secondary window open when the app restarted itself.
Fixed Switching budgets will no longer cause the register to forget its column widths.
Fixed The All Accounts view will no longer show the old categories for accounts that were on budget and then made off budget.
Fixed Fixed a bug that could cause the loading screen to be shown forever if an error happened the first time it was attempting to create the budget.
Fixed Fixed a bug that could cause YNAB to create an empty budget folder for a budget that was previously opened if the YNAB folder was moved out from under it.
Fixed Transfer payees to deleted accounts are now deleted on startup. These could cause a crash when attempting a rename or combine to remove them from the payee settings screen
Fixed We no longer allow WiFi sync if you don’t have any accounts in your budget, preventing a rare crash.
Fixed Saved report settings now recalculate the date range correctly when reopening YNAB.
Fixed Clicking away from an empty search box no longer clears the date filter.
Fixed Changes to income amounts now force a refresh in the Net Worth report.
Fixed The Register now correctly remembers the column widths for accounts. When switching between higher and lower screen sizes, the widths of the columns are proportionally adjusted to maintain the size ratios between columns.
Fixed On-budget transfers now force a refresh in the Net Worth report.
Fixed Changing the account while editing a transaction on the All Accounts view now updates the payee dropdown options correctly.
Fixed Viewing all transactions in the account view from a report now sets the date filter correctly
Fixed Deleting transactions no longer resets the register sort.
Fixed Approving transactions no longer resets the register sort.
Fixed The approve selected transactions popup no longer cuts off the word ‘transactions’ when a large number of transactions are selected
Fixed The selected transaction header checkbox now has the correct value no matter how the selection changes.
Fixed Clearing a matched transaction now removes the imported payee if it is not used anywhere else.
Fixed On the Mac, paths with spaces weren’t browsed correctly. It would just drop you in the Documents folder instead
Fixed Clicking on the error icon while editing a categorised transaction now allows you to remove the budget category as expected.
Fixed Leaving the trial version of YNAB open for several days no longer prevents you continuing the trial without having to restart YNAB.
Fixed The transaction list shown by clicking on the Total row in the Spend By Category report now filters out portions of split transactions that aren’t included in the total.
Fixed The Import button now works again after an import fails because there are no transactions or accounts to import.

Version 4.1.553

Veröffentlicht: Wednesday, February 27 2013 5:45PM)

This latest version is primarily for bug fixes. We have also (re)added a keyboard shortcut for approving selected transactions.
Full list of changes:
New Ctrl/Cmd-K is the new “Approve Selected Transactions” shortcut key.
Fixed YNAB No longer prevents shutdown on Macs.
Fixed Only the relevant portions of split transactions are shown when viewing the transaction list in the Spending by Category report.
Fixed Inflow transactions that are categorized as a normal category (as opposed to Income) will now correctly be counted against the spending of that category on the Spending Trends report.
Fixed Split transactions with a positive (inflow) total no longer ignore their sub-transactions on the Spending Trends report.
Fixed When matching two imported transactions, YNAB now tries to organize things behind the scenes so that the transaction won’t get re-imported from your bank again.
Fixed Selecting “All Dates” on reports now correctly starts with the first month that you have data, rather than January of the first year you have data.
Fixed Extra transactions could be visible in the transaction popup on reports when multiple sub-categories had the same name (but different master categories).
Fixed Fixed a rare error that could occur when moving a transfer to or from an off-budget account.
Fixed The right Alt key on some Polish keyboards in Windows no longer triggers CTRL shortcuts in the register. (Most notably, typing Alt-N will no longer create a new transaction)
Fixed Fixed a rare error that could happen after adding a new transaction, scrolling, and resizing the window.
Fixed Fixed a crash that could occur when jumping to a transaction list containing matched transactions from the Payee Settings screen.
Fixed Fixed a rare error that could occur when checking for updates.
Fixed The total row is now always at the end of the list. Under rare circumstances, it could get placed elsewhere, which would cause an error when clicked.
Fixed Fixed a rare error that could occur when viewing the running balance of a certain transaction.
Fixed Some computers can’t display HTML pages within YNAB, and YNAB will now simply offer a link to the content that can’t be displayed, rather than displaying an error.
Fixed Fixed a very rare error that could prevent YNAB from running on Windows.

Version 4.1.517

Veröffentlicht: Thursday, February 14 2013 4:58PM)

The Spending Trends report is back! It allows you to see how your spending has been progressing over time. Click on the graph segments to drill down for more information. Also included in this release are plenty of improvements and many more bug fixes.
Full list of changes:
New Added the Spending Trends report.
New Report settings are now saved between runs.
New Added “Copy Activation Key to Clipboard” button to Help->About menu item.
New Added the ability to click on report segments to show included transactions after drilling down in pie charts.
New Added the ability to click on report segments to show included transactions after drilling down in the Spending Trends report.
New Added Ctrl/Cmd+E keyboard shortcut for exporting.
Better Changed the Reports shortcut to Ctrl/Cmd+R.
Better Changed the Account View shortcut to Ctrl/Cmd+T.
Better Clicking back into the inflow/outflow/budget field now cancels the calculator.
Better Category names in QIF exports now match the QIF spec.
Better Unmatching a transaction now leaves both new transactions selected.
Better Backspace and Cmd+Backspace now delete the selected transactions on Mac.
Better Date filter settings are now per-report, instead of being shared.
Better When setting a date filter on the register or in reports, if the end date is earlier than the start date, the two are swapped.
Better Delete key now works to delete scheduled transactions.
Better When jumping to the register after clicking “Payee used in X transactions” on the Payee Settings screen, the scheduler will expand if there are any scheduled transactions included.
Better Changed wording on Income transaction list on the Budget screen to “Show in Account View”.
Better Added disabled icon on “Show in Account View” button.
Better Adding a new transaction to the register now scrolls to show the added transaction.
Better Added a space to the Swiss Franc (now it displays like “CHF 1’234.00”)
Better Searching for payees and categories will now return any direct matches if they exist, rather than returning everything that contains the search term.
Better You can no longer drop a category into a different Master category that already has a category with the same name.
Better Framerate improved when mousing over YNAB while it is in the background.
Better Moving accounts in the sidebar is now smoother.
Better The “Show in Account View” button is now disabled if there are no transactions in the pop-up.
Better Reconciling a transaction automatically accepts the transaction.
Better The account column is now visible when printing from the All Accounts tab.
Better Changing the account type when adding a new account now auto-selects the recommended on/off budget type.
Better You can now clear transactions by hitting ‘c’ while editing (but not when a text field has focus).
Better Using File->Export, or Ctrl/Cmd+E to export will now export the active report rather than the register.
Fixed Fixed date selector drop down arrows being stretched.
Fixed Fixed a bug where some transfer payees weren’t being treated like transfers.
Fixed Clearing a transaction in an account now updates the All Accounts view correctly.
Fixed Clicking ‘Done’ on the date selector no longer clears the selection if nothing has been changed.
Fixed Fixed some settings being reset when upgrading.
Fixed Fixed “Invalid date” message from being cut off at the bottom of the screen when a bad date was entered in the scheduler.
Fixed Jumping to a transaction from the budget screen once again clears filters if they would hide that transaction.
Fixed Spending and Income v. Expense reports now include uncategorized transactions when something other than “All Categories” is selected.
Fixed Deselecting “Uncategorized Transactions” in the report filters no longer deselects unrelated subcategories.
Fixed The “c” key now clears just-added transactions on Mac.
Fixed Fixed CSV exports so Excel no longer shows strange characters when exporting currency symbols other than $ (Excel 2003 and earlier still show this bug).
Fixed YNAB now shows the correct tooltip on a split transfer field.
Fixed Fixed the invalid date message showing up after the editor has closed.
Fixed Fixed the calculator not showing up correctly in the budget screen.
Fixed Fixed a crash in the Credit Card walkthrough when there were no uncategorized transactions.
Fixed Fixed a crash caused by trying to print when there are no accounts.
Fixed Fixed not being able to change an existing account’s type to 'Checking’
Fixed Fixed the All Accounts tab sometimes showing no transactions.
Fixed New transactions are now being sorted correctly when added.
Fixed Deleting multiple transactions from an account no longer causes a crash.
Fixed Fixed a crash when My Documents folder is not available.
Fixed Filtering by account in reports no longer causes a crash when viewing the transactions in the register.
Fixed Selecting an existing category when editing a transaction to be approved no longer shows the Add New Master Category popup.
Fixed When selector popups are shown twice, no longer fade in and out quickly.
Fixed Correctly select report filter options.
Fixed Right border of the error column was not showing in certain circumstances. Now it is.
Fixed Notes now show up on the budget screen again without having to mouseover them first.
Fixed Fixed a crash caused by hitting ‘+’ on a transaction that is not a split.
Fixed Fixed a crash caused by trying to get the 1st account when no accounts have been created yet.
Fixed Fixed the register footer height after finishing reconciling.
Fixed Trying to print before YNAB has finished loading no longer causes a crash.
Fixed Fixed a crash caused by trying to import ‘Stock’ accounts (which YNAB does not support).
Fixed The import window can now be reopened if it was cancelled or if there was an error importing.
Fixed Hitting ‘Enter’ with the budget cell QuickBudget cell showing no longer causes a crash.
Fixed Fixed Master Category budget amount alignment.
Fixed Several other bug fixes.

Version 4.1.281

Veröffentlicht: Tuesday, December 4 2012 9:32PM

This latest version introduces a completely revamped Payee Settings screen, along with a new “Getting Started
with YNAB” video, search improvements in the register and lots and lots (and lots) of improvements and bugfixes.
UPDATE: Norwegian Krone currency formatting no longer shows ‘X’ or ‘?’

Full list of changes:
New Added a Help menu link to the ‘Getting Started with YNAB’ video.
New Added a ‘Skip this payment’ option to the scheduler.
New Added an ‘Import memos’ checkbox to the import dialog.
New There is now a “Show all transactions in the register” button when viewing transaction lists on reports and the budget screen.
New Searching for multiple values of the same type now does an OR operation. This means you can now search for multiple payees or categories at once.
New Added ability to search for specific accounts on the all account tab.
New Added ability to search for Open/Closed/Budget/Off-Budget accounts on the all account tab.
Better The Payee Settings screen has had a complete redesign.
Better Added a disabled icon on the payee list on the Payee Settings screen.
Better Selecting a payee after combining multiple payees now treats it as a single selection, instead of showing the merge option.
Better Added a “Rename” button to the Payee Settings screen to make it easier to spot how to rename.
Better The ‘Rename existing payees’ button is disabled if the latest rule is blank on the Payee Settings screen.
Better Added a ‘more info’ question mark on the Payee Settings screen for the autocomplete checkbox.
Better The payee list entries are bolded immediately when a rule is added on the Payee Settings screen.
Better The Payee Settings screen shows the last used payee if no transaction is currently selected.
Better Accessing the payee settings screen via Ctrl-Y or the menu now shows the payee of the selected transaction.
Better The payee settings screen now allows a category of ‘split’ to be set (this only applies when manually entering transactions).
Better Combining payees now defaults the new name to the first selected payee.
Better Entering amounts in currencies using something other than “.” for the decimal separator now convert to the correct separator when the “.” key is pressed on the numpad.
Better Clearing a large number of transactions is now much faster.
Better Reconciling for the first time now runs FAST.
Better ‘Checking’ and ‘on-budget’ are now selected by default on the Add Account screen.
Better Default account names now add a number to the end that hasn’t been used already, so you are guaranteed a unique default name.
Better If importing from multiple accounts, once done YNAB switches to All Accounts mode.
Better Added a link to the support webpage to the Submit Technical Information form.
Better Added a warning to the Submit Technical Information form.
Better Split transactions now show an amount remaining when the inflow/outflow is $0.
Better Pre-YNAB debt subcategories can no longer be renamed (they weren’t able to be renamed before, but they looked like they could be).
Better The Total Scheduled Outflows QuickBudget option now takes into account the next scheduled date.
Better Selecting another transaction while adding a new transaction now cancels the new transaction entry.
Better Expanding a split transaction at the bottom of the screen will now scroll so it is entirely visible.
Better Glow animations have been tweaked.
Better Trying to reconcile in All Accounts mode now shows the user they need to select an account first.
Better Flags, error, and cleared column headers now have a different background when they are being used for the sort.
Better Reconciliation adjustment transactions now have a distinct payee.
Better Adjusting an account balance now always creates a new transaction.
Better When matching imported transactions, the check number field is now ignored unless it contains an actual number.
Better Imports now match check numbers numerically (so 001234 will match 1234 etc).
Better Decreased animation duration when switching between tabs.
Better Decreased animation duration when expanding/collapsing account groups.
Better Switching to an account in the middle of reconciling no longer clears the search criteria.
Better The Save and Cancel buttons are now highlighted if you try to select another transaction after making changes.
Better You can now hit ‘Enter’ on the Create Account dialog to create the account.
Better The budget screen is now much faster to display when opening and resizing.
Better Categories on the budget screen can now be dragged from anywhere.
Better QIFs now export using DD/MM if the selected date format is DD/MM.
Better Clearing a transaction now only selects that transaction if there is not another being edited.
Better The Closed Accounts sidebar group now has a subtotal displayed.
Better YNAB now accepts QIF accounts of type “CC”.
Better The Add Transaction button is no longer shown if the account column will be empty in All Accounts (this can occur if there are no accounts, or all accounts are closed).
Better The account register will now scroll to the currently selected transaction when changing the sort criteria.
Better YNAB no longer steals the system focus when it is first opened.
Better Clearing a transaction now accepts it.
Better Reconciling a transaction now marks it as accepted.
Better Clearing multiple transactions now uses a toggle like the keyboard shortcut does (all selected transactions will be cleared, then uncleared).
Better OR search now works for flags as well, so you can search for transactions with multiple colour flags.
Better The Norweigian Krone is now formatted like “123 456,78 kr”.
Better The quick fix menu when clicking an error icon styling has been improved.
Better The quick fix menu now lets you assign a category directly to multiple categories.
Fixed Sorting is now correctly reapplied when switching accounts.
Fixed Reconciling will no longer mark transactions as reconciled that fall outside of the date range. (This could happen if you were are searching or filtering transactions before you entered reconciliation.)
Fixed Reconciling will no longer skip marking transactions as reconciled if you are in the midst of searching when you finish reconciling.
Fixed Double-clicking an import file to open YNAB no longer cancels the import on load.
Fixed Payee rename conditions can no longer be blank, or only spaces.
Fixed Remove blank payees on startup.
Fixed YNAB now shows a warning subtransaction if a split transaction’s constituent parts don’t add up to the total amount.
Fixed ‘Move to Scheduler’ option is now disabled for transfers into split transactions (this caused a crash).
Fixed The Send Technical Info popup can no longer open multiple times.
Fixed The Diagnostics Mode popup can no longer open multiple times.
Fixed The Release Notes popup can no longer open multiple times.
Fixed The About popup can no longer open multiple times.
Fixed Quick Fix popups now show in the correct location.
Fixed The Import popup can no longer open multiple times.
Fixed The Export popup can no longer open multiple times.
Fixed The Fresh Start popup can no longer open multiple times.
Fixed The Printing window can no longer open multiple times.
Fixed The subcategory tooltip on the budget screen now shows the full name and note for the subcategory.
Fixed The Budget screen now remembers which months were showing at last shutdown.
Fixed The reconciliation filter is now cleared when jumping to an already reconciled transaction.
Fixed Canceling an edit to a split transaction transfer payee no longer shows an error message.
Fixed Fixed a typo (‘nuder’ -> ‘under’). We are not naturists.
Fixed The lilac-coloured prompts are no longer visible on the transaction editor.
Fixed Account group totals are visible again.
Fixed Reconciling while searching now keeps the correct reconciled details in the footer.
Fixed Selecting text when editing a transaction no longer cancels the text selection.
Fixed Changing accounts while reconciling no longer shows reconciled transactions when switching back.
Fixed Changed the default category column width so two months are shown by default again on the budget screen.
Fixed Bulk renaming payees no longer marks transactions with a renamed payee as accepted.
Fixed Error badges on collapsed sidebar account groups now show up when first starting YNAB.
Fixed Changing a flag while another transaction was being edited now sets the flag on the correct transaction.
Fixed Some Hidden Categories could be shown that didn’t really exist. Now they aren’t.
Fixed Yet another register scroll fix.
Fixed Twice a Month scheduled transactions now select the next date sensibly, rather than sometimes skipping half a month.
Fixed Changing the date of a scheduled Twice a Month transaction now uses the changed date as the basis for choosing the next date.
Fixed Wi-Fi syncing no longer swaps payee and memo columns if the transactions have a memo but no payee.
Fixed View All in Register now works for Master and sub categories.
Fixed Date filter is reset correctly after reconciling.
Fixed Imported transactions with an amount of 0 no longer say “Needs a Category”.
Fixed Approving a match where the payee used is different to the imported payee now adds a rename rule for the imported payee if it is not used anywhere else.
Fixed Selecting the All Accounts tab no longer prevents the Budget accounts group from being collapsed.
Fixed Adjusting the reconciled balance now formats the amount correctly based on the currency being used.
Fixed Searching works again during reconciliation.
Fixed Any transactions being edited are now canceled when you begin a search, ensuring other transactions can be selected in search mode.
Fixed Unselecting the ‘Budget Accounts’ node in the account selector for reports no longer unselects closed accounts as well.
Fixed Account selector tooltip now correctly filters out off-budget closed accounts.
Fixed Matched transactions now show any truncated text on mouseover.
Fixed Searching for amounts in currencies using “,” as the decimal separator now works.
Fixed Sorting issues when going into or clearing searches have been resolved.
Fixed Changed the way we look up the computer name, now it shouldn’t crash if Windows is not located in c:\Windows.
Fixed One more scroll fix for the register.
Fixed Scrolling the category and payee dropdowns no longer causes a crash.
Fixed Accessing the register headers with the keyboard no longer causes a crash.
Fixed Dragging accounts no longer causes a(n admittedly very rare) crash.
Fixed Fixed selection of another transaction when editing or adding a new transaction.
Fixed Fixed a rare crash when accessing reports with a graph.
Fixed Fixed a rare crash on the licensing screen.
Fixed Fixed a crash when importing transactions.
Fixed Fixed a crash when there is an error creating a bitmap.
Fixed Fixed a crash when we couldn’t lookup the computer’s hostname for some reason.
Fixed Several other crash fixes.

Version 4.1.140

Veröffentlicht: Monday, September 17 2012 10:09AM

This version fixes an issue from version 4.1.127 where double-clicking an import file could cause YNAB to run sluggishly.

Full list of changes:
Fixed Importing when double-clicking a file, rather than via the “Import” button inside YNAB, no longer causes the framerate to be fixed at 1 frame per second.

Version 4.1.127

Veröffentlicht: Friday, August 31 2012 5:31PM

This fixes an issue from version 4.1.119 regarding using commas in the currency settings for some countries.

Full list of changes:
Fixed Currency Parsing now works correctly for locales with “.” as the thousand separator. Also we no longer convert “.” to “,” for such locales when typing in amount fields.
Fixed Entering an incorrect date now correctly focuses on the date field.

Version 4.1.119

Veröffentlicht: Thursday, August 30 2012 1:27PM

This fixes a few issues from version 4.1.20 and also updates the budget page look and feel considerably, along with enhancing the search functionality and adding a reconciled transaction filter to the register.

Full list of changes:
New Searching in the register now shows the total including only those portions of split transactions that match the search.
New Added a colour background to the row being hovered over on the budget page
New Now the category column on the budget page can be resized and made wider
New Added a reconciled transaction filter to the register. It is per register, and hides all reconciled transactions when enabled. The filter is not active while searching, you need to specifically add “Is:Unreconciled” if you want to filter reconciled transactions out of search.
New The Wi-Fi sync dialog is now always accessible via Ctrl/Cmd+W, and the dialog will show even if the current budget has cloud sync enabled.
Better Future-dated transactions are now excluded by the date filter except in “All Dates”.
Better The Available To Budget number for the next month is now displayed in red when negative (but only for the next month).
Better The sidebar now collapses to a smaller width, allowing more data to be shown on the right hand side.
Better The space between the account name and current balance is shorter on the sidebar, showing more of the account name before truncating it.
Better Deleting a category now shows the name of the category in the dialog.
Better Deleting an account now shows the name of the account in the dialog.
Better Resizing the window doesn’t resize the content until shortly after the resizing stops, making the app more responsive when resizing.
Better If a file is already in use during an export, a nicer error message is now shown.
Better The “Make a Transfer” button is no longer visible in the All Accounts tab when there is only a single account.
Better Corrected pluralisation on the outflow popup in the budget screen.
Better The “Rename like payees…” menu item is no longer enabled if the transaction has no payee.
Better The “Account” field in the All Accounts register now looks and behaves like other columns.
Better Imports with more than one account in a single file now skip over accounts with no transactions.
Better The import account window now sets focus to the “Import”/“Next” button by default.
Better Import results now use “1” instead of “One” when there is a single result.
Better Added tooltips to the Quick Budget buttons.
Better Added tooltips to empty notes.
Better Budget and Register export files now have a timestamp as part of the filename, so they don’t overwrite previous exports.
Better Matched transaction styling while editing is now improved.
Better You can no longer select another row in the register if changes have been made to the transaction being edited.
Better Checking for budget changes is now much faster, especially with large numbers of diff files.
Better Off-budget accounts don’t show “Needs a category” on the All Accounts tab.
Fixed Reduced the CPU usage on all platforms when idle. This fixes the issue on Macs that could cause YNAB to use 100% CPU when idle.
Fixed When opening an import file, if YNAB is not open already, it will now open, load the last budget, and then start the import.
Fixed You can now drag a subcategory to beneath an empty master category on the budget screen.
Fixed Currencies that use a ‘,’ as their decimal separator will now work properly.
Fixed If a CSV import transaction has no date or amount, it is no longer imported, preventing a crash.
Fixed If an OFX/QFX or QIF import transaction has no date it is no longer imported, preventing a crash.
Fixed Registers now scroll all the correct location when being displayed.
Fixed Accounts are now correctly scrolled when using File->Open.
Fixed YNAB will no longer crash if it can’t write to the log file (this could happen if you had two copies open).
Fixed The original imported payee name is now always shown as a tooltip over the payee column in the register.
Fixed YNAB no longer freezes while trying to load a backup if the backup file is corrupted.
Fixed If a broken budget file cannot restore the latest backup, it will try all the backups until it finds one that can load.
Fixed The “Contact Support” button is no longer shown if a broken budget file can restore the latest backup.
Fixed If an export file is open while trying to export a report to that CSV file, YNAB will no longer crash.
Fixed You can no longer make a new transaction on the All Accounts tab if there are no accounts. This prevents a crash bug.
Fixed The popup calendar no longer cuts off the weekdays in the header.
Fixed Text can no longer get ‘stuck’ when editing a budget amount if only a single subcategory is visible.
Fixed The All Accounts register no longer allows the creation of a transfer from an account to itself.
Fixed Rename Payee dialog now has the correct font.
Fixed Reconciling an account twice in the same YNAB session now uses the cleared total instead of 0.
Fixed Split transactions now use the date/flag/cleared status of their parent transaction.
Fixed Reconciled transactions that are matched on import no longer lose their reconciled status.
Fixed Renaming a payee that had only been used once now removes the old payee, so it doesn’t clutter up the payee list.
Fixed The Reconciliation dialog now shows the “positive balance” checkbox when first showing (if necessary).
Fixed Changing the date of a transaction now updates the reconciliation footer.
Fixed The ‘c’ keyboard shortcut to clear selected transactions now only takes effect when the main register has focus (so not while searching).
Fixed Manually merging a transaction now flags the transaction as ‘needs review’.
Fixed Deleting a transaction during reconciliation now correctly counts the cleared total.
Fixed If the last opened report type no longer exists, don’t crash!
Fixed Several other crash bugs.

Version 4.1.20

Veröffentlicht: Friday, July 27 2012 1:51AM
This fixes a few issues in 4.1. See below for the full 4.1 release notes.

Full list of changes:
Fixed The release notes window is now shorter to accommodate shorter screens.
Fixed Fixed an error that would happen if you clicked “Save and add another” on the “All Accounts” screen
Fixed Fixed a rare error that could occur when switching budget entry cells quickly
Fixed Only one error dialog will ever appear now, even if another error occurs after the first one.
Fixed Ensured that the application can’t get stuck at a high framerate, which might have caused YNAB to use too much CPU on Macs sometimes.

Version 4.1.16

Veröffentlicht: Thursday, July 26 2012 6:10AM

Welcome to YNAB 4.1!
You can now add a new transaction directly from the All Accounts view
On the budget screen, you can now see an income breakdown directly from the budget header. Just expand the header and click on “Income”.
We’ve made many other improvements and fixed a number of issues. Enjoy!

Full list of changes:
NewTo see a breakdown of all of your income transactions from the budget, first make sure the header is expanded (click on the Available to Budget number). Then click the “Income” line.
NewYou can now add a new transaction directly from the “All Accounts” view
NewYNAB now shows release notes after every free update so you can see all the cool stuff we’ve improved
NewYou can now search for “unreconciled” items in the register
NewYou can now hit “c” to clear or unclear selected transactions
Better Reduced the CPU usage of the application when idle on Macs. (We will be improving this further for both Mac and Windows)
Better You can now view Release Notes by going to Help->Release Notes. (On the Mac, you can go to YNAB->Release Notes too)
Better Changing a payee with a reconciled transfer target now shows a warning.
Better Moving a reconciled transaction now displays a warning
Better Now the “Enter” key begins reconciling after the reconciliation dialog appears
Better If YNAB crashes, it will begin running in diagnostics for a while in order to help us better find the error.
Better The working balance is now displayed to the left of the cleared column
Better Visual tweaks to the “Send Technical Information” dialog to make it more obvious how to send your budget
Better When modifying the date in a transaction, you can now simply hit the “=” key without holding shift, and it will be treated as the “+” key to increment the date
Better When typing a license key, a message warning of an invalid key is only shown if you’ve typed enough characters
Better You can now purchase an activation key from the activation key entry dialog
Better A trial key is no longer required to start the free YNAB trial.
Better Improved the look of these release notes
Better No longer making a backup file on every save if running in diagnostics in the Live (public) build of YNAB.
Better If an update can’t be downloaded for some reason, YNAB now shows instructions on how to directly download the latest version of YNAB.
Fixed The autosuggest menu on the budget screen can no longer be displayed below the bottom edge of the screen
Fixed The payee and category drop downs can no longer dip below the bottom of the screen
Fixed The running balance column would become whack if you only had one account or under another rare circumstance
Fixed On Macs: Fixed a problem that would cause YNAB not to be runnable from any account other than the one it was originally installed from
Fixed The YNAB 4 executable is now digitally signed on Windows.
Fixed Reports were not taking selected accounts into consideration
Fixed Spending reports now total to 100% rather than 0%
Fixed Moving to a zoomed in category report to another report and back again no longer resets the zoom level
Fixed Fixed an error in the printing of the spending by payee report that would cause it to print 0.00 for values
Fixed Reduced the size of the printed budget header
Fixed Preventing displaying an error about an innocuous error that could occur when checking for updates
Fixed Split could show up multiple times when clicking on the “outflows” header on the budget screen and looking through all outflows
Fixed The mouse cursor could get stuck as an arrow and could stop showing the hand cursor in appropriate places.
Fixed Fixed a bug that could cause overspending handling changes not to be saved for certain categories. This could cause Pre-YNAB debt categories to switch their overspending handling every time you restarted YNAB.
Fixed Fixed a crash that could happen if an internal settings file got temporarily locked. This could happen when shutting down YNAB, causing a crash on exit.
Fixed Fixed a rare issue that could cause a budget to get corrupted (usually in a recoverable way) if the app restarted at an inopportune time when saving.
Fixed Fixed the vertical alignment of the outflow column on the budget screen
Fixed A license key will now give an error if you type a key longer than expected and it doesn’t validate
Fixed Fixed a crash that could occur if a split transaction had no sub-transactions and the button to show all sub-transactions was clicked.
Fixed If a license key is not the expected length, but still validates, it no longer gives an error
Fixed On Windows, if the installer update can’t be run due to permissions issues, you will be shown a friendly message.
Fixed There is no longer a doubled-up top border in the budget text input cells
Fixed SubCategory tooltips are now updated when the name or note changes
Fixed Scrollbars will no longer be displayed on the month abbreviation in the budget header when using certain languages
Fixed The notes on categories don’t stand out as much anymore. They are now gray when active and black on mouseover.
Fixed Fixed an error that could cause blank rows in the account register
Fixed The account register will no longer listen for keyboard shortcuts when there is a popup being displayed. Previously, you could hit “delete” to delete text in an account note for example, and you would be asked if you wanted to delete selected transactions.
Fixed The reconciliation footer is now updated correctly when deleting transactions
Fixed The total of selected transactions is now correct even when you select transactions using the keyboard
Fixed Fixed an error that would occur if you loaded another version of your budget when in the midst of reconciling
Fixed Fixed a bug related to using a date filter when switching from and to an account being reconciled.
Fixed Fixing minor style issues on the rename payee dialog
Fixed When importing from a QIF file, blank dates in a QIF file no longer prevent it from importing correctly
Fixed When importing from a QIF file, the imported transactions will no longer get set to the reconciled state even if the QIF claims they are. (This will prevent strange reconciliation issues after importing)
Fixed Payees can no longer include weird text like “” after importing from certain files
Fixed If there was a space at the end of an account name, transfers to that account wouldn’t be recongnized as transfers
Fixed Selecting an account by clicking on a transaction in a popup on another screen now ensures the container in the sidebar is expanded to show that selected account
Fixed Fixed a rare crash that could occur when editing sub transactions after loading a 2nd budget
Fixed Fixed an internal bug involving deleting payee locations on a mobile device
Fixed Fixed a number of rare internal crashes